Assemblyman Dinowitz Applauds Lifting of Cell Phone Ban in NYC Schools

Bronx, NY – After city officials confirmed that the New York City Department of Education would lift the ban on cell phones in schools beginning in March 2015, Assemblyman Dinowitz (D-Bronx) issued the following statement:

"I am heartened by Mayor de Blasio's decision to lift the ban on cell phones in New York City schools. As a parent of two children who attended public schools, I understand how reassuring it would be to know that your child is just a phone call or text away during school hours in the event of an emergency. The Mayor's new policy empowers school administrators to work with teachers and parents to establish sensible rules for cell phone use. No one will disagree that cell phones can be impediments to learning if used improperly. However, I believe that this policy will limit the risk of misuse while allowing students to access their phones for legitimate purposes," said Assemblyman Dinowitz.