Statement on Violent Insurrection in U.S. Capitol

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz calls for removal of Donald Trump from office for remaining two weeks of term

Bronx, NY – As violent seditionists breach the United States Capitol Building to block the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral college victory and overthrow the United States government to maintain Donald Trump as President, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz has issued the following statement:

“Fascists have stormed the U.S. Capitol in a clear coup attempt right here in the USA. This is an unprecedented event that has not occurred since the War of 1812. Protesters for the Black Lives Matter movement over the summer, that Trump so often attacked, protested peacefully and certainly never stormed the Capitol. Even during the Civil War, which is the only comparison I believe to be appropriate for today’s events, the Capitol was not breached. Only Trump’s thugs have taken this treasonous step.

“The Cabinet should invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from office immediately. If they refuse to do so, then Congress should bring impeachment charges for a dereliction of Presidential duty to uphold the Constitution, a peaceful transition of power, and for inciting this insurrection against our beloved country.

“This is not free speech. It is not an exercise of first amendment rights. This is sedition. It is treason. It is anti-American.”