Angelino Reappointed Ranking Minority Member of Oversight, Analysis and Investigation Committee

Assemblyman also joins Veterans’ Affairs, Codes and Ethics Committees

Assemblyman Joseph Angelino (R,C-Norwich) was reappointed by Leader Will Barclay (R,C-Pulaski) as Ranking Minority member on the Committee on Oversight, Analysis, and Investigation. He was also newly appointed to the Veteran’s Affairs, Codes, and Ethics and Guidance committees and will be returning to the Corporation, Authorities and Commissions and Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development committees.

“I am honored to continue in my role as Ranking Minority member of the Committee on Oversight, Analysis and Investigation. With all the unaccountable and self-interested actors in government, including Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Hochul, oversight is needed now more than ever in New York,” said Angelino. “I am also pleased to join the Committee on Veteran’s Affairs. I look forward to finding ways to better support veterans with the needs and challenges they now face.”

“Joe’s professional experience and dedication have been instrumental for our Conference and for the people of the 122nd Assembly District. I’m proud to appoint him as the Ranking Minority Member on the Assembly Oversight Committee. The people of New York deserve safe communities and to trust that state government is acting in their best interest. Joe’s background in law enforcement and his integrity will be invaluable in his work on these committees and for our Conference,” said Leader Barclay.

New York historically needs stronger oversight, which is why Angelino was one of the first to call for investigations as his role as ranking Minority member on the committee on Oversight, Analysis, and Investigation to examine the tragic nursing home deaths that happened under Cuomo’s watch during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with Gov. Hochul’s pay-to-play scheme involving COVID-19 test kits. The assemblyman also is eager to work with his colleagues to develop stronger policy ideas to increase transparency and hold government officials to the high standard expected by the public on the Ethics committee.

Additionally, Angelino plans to share his perspective as a veteran to the Veteran’s Affairs committee, along with the perspectives of those he speaks with regularly. He is a retired Marine Reserve Sergeant Major and served on three-combat tours over two wars. He has been awarded two Purple Hearts. Drawing on Angelino’s experience as a retired police chief, Barclay also appointed him to the Committee on Codes, which develops the state’s criminal laws.