Angelino Reacts to Presentation of Executive Budget

Statement by Assemblyman Joseph Angelino (R,C-Norwich)

“It seems that Gov. Hochul does not fully understand the financial situation so many New Yorkers are facing. While I am glad she included a plan to address bail reform laws to combat rising crime, she also proposed moving State Troopers into cities. The State Police force was created for and designed to provide law enforcement in rural areas, and it should remain that way. We are again seeing a bloated unaffordable budget of over $200 Billion which is larger than the budget of Florida and Texas combined. I am also disappointed the governor did not propose tax cuts or any other measure to help people deal with the high inflation they are facing. In addition the governor is proposing a climate plan which will result in higher electricity bills for everyday New Yorkers. My fellow Minority colleagues and I will come to the negotiating table in good faith, I invite Gov. Hochul and my colleagues in the Majority to do the same in order to help the people of New York.”