Angelino Calling for Repeal of Dangerous Bail “Reform” Provisions

Assemblyman Joseph Angelino (R,C,I-Norwich) joined Assemblyman John Salka (R,C,I-Brookfield), crime victims and law enforcement calling for the repeal of bail reform. Angelino shared his experience as a retired police chief and discussed how the law passed by progressive downstate legislators has negatively impacted public safety.

“New York’s so-called bail ‘reforms’ were destined to be a failure for New Yorkers as soon as downstate progressive legislators shut out the voices of victims, law enforcement and criminal justice experts. As a result, our communities have been menaced by unrepentant and, now, emboldened criminals who have no disincentive for their lawless ways,” said Angelino. “Many years ago, I took an oath to protect and serve the public. I continue to do so today and urge the repeal of New York’s dangerous bail reform.”

Angelino is advocating for the repeal of the bail “reform” law to:

  • Restore judicial discretion;
  • Repeal offenses exempt from bail reform law; and
  • Renew sense of safety in communities.

Problems with the law became evident immediately when it went into effect in January 2020. Throughout the state, the media reported on hundreds of criminals who were released under the bail reform law only to commit more serious offenses later, sometimes even on the same day. The law created victims of domestic violence, deadly hit and run incidents and murder. Had the law not been in place, many of the perpetrators of these serious crimes would have been held in jail.

Angelino noted that many of the law’s shortcomings can be attributed to the failure of the Legislature to consult law enforcement and other criminal justice experts in the crafting of the law, unlike neighboring New Jersey, which had a more favorable outcome with similar reforms.