Angelino Disheartened by Assembly Majority’s Rejection of Veterans Tax Break Bill After Approving $2.1 Billion Stimulus for Illegal Immigrants

Assemblyman Joseph Angelino (R,C,I-Norwich) is disappointed with the action taken by the Assembly Majority in the Ways and Means Committee to reject a bill that would have given veterans 85 years and older an exemption on their personal income taxes (PIT) (A.5033). Their rejection of the bill in the committee prevents it from being voted on by the entire assembly this legislative session. It was only just recently that the Assembly Majority approved a $2.1 billion stimulus program for illegal immigrants, known as excluded workers, in the state budget (A.3009-C).

“It is pretty shameful that the Assembly Majority rejected a bill which would have helped our elderly veterans on fixed incomes make ends meet with a tax break. These are individuals who signed up during the era of the Korean and Vietnam wars not knowing the kind of conflict they would be assigned to,” said Angelino. “The cost to provide such a modest tax break to these brave people is a drop in the bucket compared to the bloated $2.1 billion stimulus program for those who disregard our immigration laws. Despite this, I will be working to gain support for this important veterans’ bill so that we can accomplish something positive in the future.”

It is estimated that there are roughly 91,000 veterans in New York who are 85 years or older. The proposed PIT exemption would have provided an estimated $71 tax break to seniors, or more depending on income.

“New York is one of the most expensive states to retire in, we should be doing our best to make it more affordable for veterans and retirees,” added Angelino.