DeStefano: State Budget is Unsurprisingly Delayed Again

Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C-Medford) was dissatisfied with the budget proceedings today as state legislators were called to Albany simply to pass an emergency extender bill that prolongs the deadline of the state budget 10 days past the official April 1 deadline.

“This is the third year that an extension was necessary before the final state budget, a worrying trend that sends a poor message to our constituents about the ability New York’s leaders have to run the state. Let me be clear, passing a budget extender is not a good thing and should not become a tradition for legislators. It should be treated as a last resort, although currently, it is a measure that is being abused. Our duty is to not only hear the voices of the people but to act on their behalf in a timely manner for the success of the state and its operations.”