DeStefano: No More Wasted Time, Gabby’s Law Will Help Find Missing Adults

A Statement by Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C-Medford) on the introduction of Gabby’s Law

A press conference was held on the Million Dollar Staircase today, June 7, 2023, to discuss “Gabby’s Law,” proposed recently by Assemblyman Ed Flood (R,C-Port Jefferson) and Sen. Anthony Palumbo (R,C-New Suffolk). The Ashanti Alert Act is used nationwide for many types of alert systems including Amber and Silver alerts. Currently, New York is not part of the nationwide system but has chosen to use the Amber and Silver alert systems independently. As a result, missing adults aged 18-64 are unaccounted for in the alert system and have a lesser chance of being found. Gabby’s Law would implement a Teal Alert for missing adults including victims of domestic violence who are believed to be in danger (A.3230/S.2274). This bill was introduced following the loss of Long Island native Gabby Petito who was missing for 19 days while traveling with her boyfriend across the country and later found to be a victim of homicide.

“The infrastructure and the tools to implement Teal Alerts are already available. Opting into the national alert system and utilizing this system will undoubtedly help in finding and bringing home missing adults who are currently overlooked. As a parent myself, to question whether this nonpartisan bill should be passed is absurd. We’re here in Albany to help New Yorkers, and this is one way we can make a difference. This type of alert system should already be in place, let’s not waste any more time in making sure we’re doing our best to protect vulnerable New Yorkers,” said DeStefano.