DeStefano: This is all Preventable, We Must Pass Legislation to Protect Warehouse Worker Injury

Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C-Medford) attended a press conference in the New York State Capitol today to call for the passage of the Warehouse Worker Injury Reduction Act (A.3309-/S.5081). Warehouse work is one of the most dangerous occupations in the state, with warehouse workers getting hurt at four times the rate of the average New York worker. DeStefano, who is a co-sponsor on the bill, joined coalition members and injured warehouse workers as they shared their personal experiences of being injured on the job. The bipartisan press conference was led by New York state legislators and New Yorkers for a Fair Economy.

“The shift in the global economy to online retail shopping has transformed the warehouse industry, leading employers to increase production capacities and storage facilities, followed by a substantial increase in warehouse employment. There is an expectation within our society today to get things quickly, but this cannot come at the expense of those on the other end of your order. In the last year, 5,000 workers across New York State were injured. By passing this legislation, we can prevent 50,000 avoidable injuries,” DeStefano said.

“I stand in solidarity with my fellow legislators, coalition members and the resilient warehouse workers who bravely shared their stories in calling for the passage of this important legislation. Too many workers are being forced to work while injured—in the warehouse industry, one in every five workers gets hurt. Addressing the inherent risks in this occupation is a fundamental necessity, and we can do this by mandating employers implement ergonomics, which simply makes things easier, more comfortable and safer for people. As state legislators, we must ensure the well-being of our workers is a non-negotiable priority,” DeStefano concluded.