Destefano Reacts to 2020 State of The State Address

Editor’s note: Click Here to view Assemblyman Joe DeStefano’s interview.

“I am disappointed to see that, once again, Gov. Cuomo has ignored our everyday middle-class Long Islander. His State of the State address is filled with taxpayer-funded giveaways and fanfare, but lacks solutions to fix the looming $6.1 billion deficit or stop NY’s embarrassing out-migration that we’ve seen under his tenure.

“Thanks to the geography of the Empire State, power is focused in the urban areas, particularly New York City and this has skewed the agenda away from the rest of the state. Having one-party control all branches of government is dangerous in itself, but having politics dominated by the needs of one group to the detriment of everyone else is even worse.

“As your representative, I will continue to advocate for issues that matter to our residents. I will be a strong voice to change the disastrous bail reform laws, stop the state from forcing taxpayers to pay for political campaigns, prevent abortions right up to the moment of birth and ensure that the Majorities don’t keep their promise to raise taxes.”