Mikulin: ‘Squatters’ Need to be Excluded from the Legal Definition of A ‘Tenant’ to Protect New York Homeowners Like Nadia Vitels

A Statement from Assemblyman John Mikulin (R,C-Bethpage) in response to an Assembly Minority press conference in Albany on March 27, 2024, to address the high number of squatting-related incidents happening statewide and put forth a bill to redefine the term “tenant” to exclude squatters.

“New York homeowners like Nadia Vitels have fallen victim to squatters. Squatters victimize homeowners who just want to live peacefully on their property. Property owners face financial ruin when being ousted by the unlawful occupancy of another. A squatter is not synonymous with a tenant and should not be under New York state law. Therefore, I fully support Assembly Bill A.6894 to redefine the term ‘tenant’ to exclude squatters and restore common-sense property laws to our state’s legal system.”