Mikulin Discouraged Public Safety Proposal Was Voted Down by Assembly Majority

Assemblyman John Mikulin (R,C-Bethpage) was disappointed to see Assembly Bill A.7991 to the calendar, also known as the “Murder of a Minor” bill, voted down by the Assembly Majority. Mikulin argues this bill would have created harsher penalties for the crime of murder against a child and helped keep other children in New York state safe.

“If a child is murdered, there must be laws in place that ensure the suspect involved is held accountable. My proposal, A.7991, would mandate that individuals convicted of aggravated murder, murder in the first degree, or murder in the second degree where the victims of such crimes are less than 18 years old be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. This would help bring justice to grieving families and protect other children in our communities. However, the Assembly Majority disagrees—Assembly Bill A.7991 is now being held in the Codes Committee so the full Assembly cannot vote on the proposal.”