Mikulin’s First 2021 Blood Drive Helps to Save 351 Lives Community Comes Out During Pandemic for Best Ever Blood Drive

Assemblyman John Mikulin (R,C,I-Bethpage) recently partnered with the Levittown Fire Department and Long Island Blood Services to host the first in a series of annual blood drives this year. The drive offered free COVID-19 antibody testing for all donations and brought in the highest number of donations at Levittown Fire Department, with 117 pints collected, helping to save as many as 351 lives.

“It is wonderful that so many people in our community recognize the importance of being a blood donor, and the on-going needs of our blood banks. Thank you so much to everyone who donated, and to my partners at Levittown Fire Department and Long Island Blood Services,” said Mikulin. “As our community continues navigating our way through the pandemic and moving toward recovery, we must remember how vital our blood banks are. I will be continuing to host on-going blood drives throughout our district and encourage the public to participate in order to help save more lives.”

Every blood donor can save the life of three other people with their donation. However, not everyone who would like to donate blood is eligible. In fact, less than 38 percent of the population is eligible to donate. With an American in need of blood every two seconds, our blood banks are in constant need of donors. It is important that those who are able and willing to donate do.

At Mikulin’s event in Levittown, 113 people registered to donate. While nine people were deferred, another 13 people donated via Alyx to provide two pints each. Mikulin encourages the public to follow him on Facebook (@NYSAssemblymanMikulin) for updates about his next blood drive, the details of which will be announced shortly.