Mikulin: End State of Emergency

Assemblyman John Mikulin (R,C,I-Bethpage) is calling for the end of Executive Order 202, issued on March 7, 2020, placing the state under a state of emergency. Pointing to the drastically reduced rate of infection across the state, including in Nassau County, Mikulin joined together with other lawmakers from the state Senate and Assembly Minority Conferences saying the time has come for the order to end.

“Although the state of emergency was a precaution taken to protect New Yorkers as the state, and the entire world, became exposed to this new, unknown virus, we are now more than fully capable of getting back to our daily lives and the evidence proves it. As more New Yorkers are getting vaccinated, as businesses and schools have reopened, this is the time to allow our state to flourish and recover,” said Mikulin. “New Yorkers do not need more government interference, cumbersome mandates or stifling stalling – they need to be allowed to do what they do best, and here in Nassau County that is to work hard toward the American Dream. This is the time to allow citizens the opportunity to get back to their normal way of life.”

The seven-day positivity rate in Nassau County is currently at 0.5 percent, with just 32 people confirmed positive. The 14-day average is also maintained at 0.5 percent. These numbers, from New York Forward, are microscopically lower than those from six months ago when New York state hit its peak with a seven-day average of 16,376 cases (according to data from The New York Times).