Weekly Update June 24th, 2016 – July 1st, 2016

Legislative Update:

Assembly Passes Legislation to Ensure Safe Drinking Water in Schools

The Assembly recently passed legislation requiring the state health and education departments to create statewide guidelines for school districts and boards of cooperative educational services (BOCES) to test drinking water for lead. Under the measure, costs associated with testing and remediation will be eligible for reimbursement by the state (A.10740).

When parents send their children to school, they do so expecting they will learn in a safe environment. However, recent test results have shown some schools in New York State have unsafe levels of lead in their drinking water. This legislation will create standards that ensure every school across the state – whether in a wealthy area or a poor community – has the resources it needs to test its drinking water, so we can be sure our kids aren’t being exposed to harmful levels of lead.

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Zombie Properties Law Becomes a Bill!

I am pleased that Governor Cuomo signed into law legislation that I co-sponsored and passed with my colleagues in the Assembly and Senate to address the Zombie Property issues that have plagued our communities for far too long. This was a large issue I wrestled with as Mayor of Cohoes and is still a problem today. The legislation has many parts including holding lenders accountable for maintaining vacant “zombie” residences and better protect homeowners’ rights has been signed into law (A.10741).

These zombie properties can have a devastating impact on our communities as they fall into disrepair, attracting crime and lowering property values. That’s why I helped pass a law encouraging banks to do their part in protecting our neighborhoods, because every one of us deserves to have a sense of pride in our homes and our community.

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District News:

NYS Museum Summer Program

If you are looking for new and fun summer activities for kids you should check out some of the new programs being offered by the NYS Museum!

Programs like “Mapping the History of Schuyler Flatts Through Archaeology” are available this summer off site.

The Museum also features many on site programs like “The Archaeology and Evolution of Dogs and Other Examples of Human Driven Evolution: A Mad Science Museum Lab” and their monthly “Rain or Shine...It's Reading Time”.

For further information on the NYS Museum summer programs and for dates and times, feel free to click here!

Going Solar: Tips and Considerations for Homeowners

New consumer tips were recently released aimed at helping New York homeowners learn more about home solar electric-generating systems. The consumer tips – entitled “Going Solar: Tips and Considerations for Homeowners” – provides information for New York homeowners on the different types of solar contracts available – such as solar purchases, solar leases, and power purchase agreements (PPA’s), and information for how to evaluate solar companies and their proposals. The tips also provide an overview of important parts of solar contracts and the steps required before solar can be installed on a home.

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In the News:

This is a great TWC News piece on the passage of bill A.9568-A/S06824-A and how, if signed into law, would assist the residents of Hoosick Falls if they incur health problems related to the contamination of PFOA.