Governor Signs Bill A. 9878

I am pleased to announce that bill A09878/S7359, sponsored by myself and Senator Breslin this legislative session has been signed into law today. I am appreciative of Governor Cuomo’s approval of this bill that allows the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) to enter into agreements with municipalities in its service area to assist those local governments in the administrative components of their respective taxi licenses.

This voluntary arrangement of the local government will help streamline the process for issuance of taxi licenses and cabs in our region and will also provide sorely needed consistency both in the municipalities that participate as well as with the cab companies. Over the last two years we have worked closely with the tourism and business community, as well as the initial local governments that handle the bulk of the taxi service in our region. After listening to the concerns of both the municipalities and the taxi companies, it was apparent there is a disconnect and one that I am confident the CDTA can assist in.

As we are inching closer to the arrival of the Albany Capital Center, the Rivers Casino and the expanded business community we have, now more than ever we need to raise the level of service and expectations of taxi service in our region, especially in the absence of ridesharing. This legislation will assist in that effort which can only strengthen our economy.

Thank you to my colleagues, Member of Assembly Pat Fahy, who has been a strong partner, our Senate Sponsor Neil Breslin and Senator Amedore who was also very helpful in this effort. More importantly, thank you to the Albany County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Capital Region Chamber, CDTA and the Airport Authority for their commitment to this effort. Together with the participating municipalities and the taxi community we will improve taxi service in the Capital Region.