Assemblymember McDonald Comments on Lack of End of Year Legislative Session:

As announced late last night it appears that the end of the year legislative session will not happen after all. Since the Legislature will be reconvening on January 4, I believe that we can address the outstanding issues under consideration at that time. However, it is important to note that these are important issues that need to be addressed. Issues such as ride-sharing for upstate New York and the Housing MOU which would address the chronic homelessness in NYC as well as Upstate NY. These are two of the major items that come to mind as priorities. Additionally, increased disclosure of outside income and a bill to prevent pay-to-play efforts of political contributors and politicians would serve the public as well as government.

That being said, it is critical that when the legislature convenes on January 4th we move forward as soon as possible on these issues that are critical to our constituents. We must not allow these issues to be bottled up in the annual budget negotiations or delayed until the end of session in June.

As for the salary increase, while I do appreciate that other legislators are not in the same position, I have been consistent from day one that receiving a pay raise is not an issue of importance to me personally, since I am local and believe in a citizen legislature. Let's move on to 2017.