Jensen: Public Safety Should Be Our #1 Priority

Assemblyman Josh Jensen (R,C,I-Greece) joined members of the Assembly and Senate Minority Conferences to advocate for a public safety plan to address the ongoing rise in crime in communities across New York state.

Assemblyman Jensen and his colleagues are calling for a repeal of the state’s bail reform laws in order to keep dangerous, violent repeat criminals off the streets. They are also seeking to restore judicial discretion so judges can determine if defendants are public safety risks and continue funding and support for our courageous men and women in law enforcement.

“Across our state and in our own community, my constituents and New Yorkers are alarmed by the dramatic rise in crime and violence we’re seeing on a daily basis,” said Jensen. “Instead of prioritizing criminals, it’s time to ensure our police officers have the manpower, resources and equipment they need to safely do their jobs and allow the justice system to protect our citizens by rescinding damaging policies that incentivize criminals and restoring law and order.

“Today is much different from the community I grew up in and certainly not the one I envision for my three-year-old children,” continued Jensen. “It’s imperative we take action today to reverse this horrifying trend of violence.”