Jensen: Respect For Our Taxpayers

Assemblyman Josh Jensen (R,C,I-Greece) has introduced a package of legislation to help New Yorkers keep more money in their pockets and respect the tax dollars sent to the state government. The “Respect Taxpayer Dollars Act” would:

  • Create the Office of Fiscal Transparency so taxpayers know how their money is being spent (A.8685).
  • Suspend sales taxes during the holiday season to save New Yorkers money as they shop for gifts (A.9313).
  • Protect your money by eliminating price gouging on goods sold along the Thruway (A.9451).
  • Put money back in taxpayers’ pockets by creating a fund to lower local property taxes (A.4666).

During the budget process, Jensen believes we should have greater dialogue to ensure New York state government is respecting all taxpayers and using their dollars in the best way possible.

“Many families across our state continue to struggle from the financial impact from the pandemic. Instead of funding more obscure programs, our state government should be providing greater transparency to taxpayers on how their taxes are spent and work to put money back in New Yorkers’ pockets. That’s why I’ve introduced these pieces of legislation to ensure that the state government is not taking the tax payments of hardworking New Yorkers for granted, ensuring greater transparency and making it more affordable to call our state home,” said Jensen.