Jensen: Despite A Record Price Tag, Budget Falls Short

A Statement from Assemblyman Josh Jensen (R,C,I-Greece)

“The budget passed today is the largest in our state’s history, reaching a soaring $220+ billion, yet is days late and lacking in priorities that millions of New Yorkers have been calling for. While there were items included that were certainly positive, including funding to fix our local roads and bridges as well as tax cuts for middle-class families and small businesses, the budget lacked in several crucial areas including investment in libraries, and critical support and adequate funding for our health care workers and providers.

“Our state government says it cares about healthcare, but this budget process has failed our healthcare heroes, providers, and those who depend on Medicaid. A 1% increase in this budget has kicked the can down the road and has done nothing to relieve financial stress, offset the increased costs of care, fix inadequate care reimbursement or address the severe systemic staffing crisis.

“With higher-than-expected revenues and unprecedented federal support, New York had an opportunity to provide long-term relief to taxpayers, fully fund existing state programs and ensure long-term fiscal stability. Instead, the decision was made to create new programs that will require continued funding and explode the cost of government spending, actions that will push our state budget to the fiscal brink in years to come.”