Jensen Calls for Stronger Fiscal Oversight as State Faces Budget Gaps

A statement from Assemblyman Josh Jensen (R,C,I-Greece)

“With news this week that New York state government should expect billions of dollars in budget gaps and tax revenue falling, it’s clear that we must get our fiscal house in order. As inflation continues to rise, the state’s economic standing also plummets with uncontrollable spending and we may face a dismal future if we continue down this path of failing to ensure effective, efficient and responsible use of taxpayers’ dollars. With the mismanagement of federal loans to fund increased unemployment payments now falling on the backs of small businesses at a time they can’t afford it, it’s clear that we need stronger fiscal oversight in New York state.”

“It is imperative that we adhere to fiscal oversight in our state and ensure we are being clear and transparent about how we are spending, using and prioritizing taxpayer dollars. That is why I have proposed the ‘Respect Taxpayer Dollars Act,’ legislation that would require greater fiscal transparency, including requiring fiscal notes on executive orders, requiring the comptroller to make monthly reports to the Legislature and creating a nonpartisan Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency to greater analyze how state government spends taxpayer funds (A.8685).”