New York State’s Health Care Workers Left in Limbo

As a member of the Health Committee, Assemblyman Josh Jensen (R,C,I-Greece) is calling on New York state leaders to address concerns and answer questions regarding the Healthcare Worker Bonus. With the first application deadline this Friday, health care workers and employers are lacking critically-important information, including eligibility clarification, overtime bonus disqualification, process for amendments, public safety officer qualification, and primary care practitioners being excluded. To date, the state Department of Health has held only two webinars and continues to change their FAQ sheet which has only increased confusion.

“In an all too predictable process, a state program that was announced with great fanfare as part of this years’ budget is days away from implementation and still our state’s healthcare workforce and employers cannot get clear answers on myriad issues surrounding the Healthcare Worker Bonus program. Whether its ensuring appropriate job titles were included or providing contradicting answers, and broad assumptions, the rollout of this program has been a failure. Unfortunately, the failings of the state have led to a creation of “haves” and “have-nots” within our health care workforce, and massive confusion for the entire healthcare field.

“I am calling on the state to extend eligibility to all frontline healthcare and support staff, regardless of their employment and job title, and provide an extension for employers to apply on behalf of their employees to ensure adequate and appropriate time for questions to be answered and time for employers to ensure all eligible employees are able to apply.”