Jensen Reacts to Veto of Legislation for Monroe County Sheriff's Deputies

Assemblyman Josh Jensen (R,C-Greece) said that Friday’s decision by Gov. Hochul to veto S.8682(Cooney)/A.9440(Jensen), legislation that “relates to the retirement of deputy sheriffs-civil in the county of Monroe” and allows for the potential to retire after 25 years of service, is tremendously disappointing as she has actively chosen to disregard the will of the elected representatives of the people of Monroe County.

This legislation would have provided Monroe County the opportunity to grant equitable retirement benefits to the members of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Civil Bureau. The Monroe County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, the representatives of Monroe County’s civil and jail deputies, supported the legislation and were consulted during its drafting. The home-rule message that was sent to the Assembly and Senate requesting this legislation was unanimously approved by the Monroe County Legislature, signed by County Executive Adam Bello, and supported by Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter. Despite this, the governor chose to ignore the actions of Monroe County’s elected officials and ensure that some law enforcement officers continue to be treated inequitably compared to their colleagues.

“It is disheartening that the governor has chosen to circumvent the will of Monroe County’s elected representatives at the state and county levels and veto legislation that would’ve given Monroe County’s civil deputies the opportunity for more equitable retirement benefits,” said Jensen. “For the governor to veto the legislation due to financial reasons, despite the Monroe County Legislature and County Executive signing off on absorbing any additional costs, is mystifying.”