Assemblyman Josh Jensen’s Reaction to State of The State

A legislative statement from Assemblyman Josh Jensen (R,C-Greece).

“Yesterday’s State of the State address by Gov. Hochul certainly included a grandiose plan for New York in the 2024 legislative session, however the true viability of her plans will depend heavily on their cost and whether of not New York’s taxpayers can afford it, especially with a $4 billion budget deficit and fiscal struggles on the horizon. The community I represent wants to see real action to make our state more affordable for families and businesses, and our streets and neighborhoods safer.”

“Recent polling shows that the majority of New Yorkers believe we are on the wrong path and the quality of life has gotten worse. Our state government needs to recognize this and do better. In her speech the governor spoke about working to find common ground with her partners in government and I hope she intends to follow through on this by including members of both parties in the upcoming budget negotiations and to push for common sense legislation.”