Jensen, Local Representatives Push for Restoration of Critical Highway Infrastructure Funding

Assemblyman Josh Jensen (R,C-Greece), Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C-Batavia) and local town supervisors and highway superintendents held a press conference today, Feb. 22, 2024, to highlight their opposition to Gov. Hochul’s slashing of local transportation aid, particularly a proposed $60 million cut for the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS), the state’s primary source of funding for local roads, bridges and culverts.

Investing in local road infrastructure not only spurs economic growth by facilitating smoother transportation of goods and services but also attracts investments and generates job opportunities. Conversely, neglecting funding for local roads can result in deteriorating infrastructure, heightened traffic congestion, increased maintenance costs and compromised safety.

“I extend my gratitude to everyone who joined us today to advocate for increased funding for our local roads. With the escalating costs of infrastructure projects, every dollar becomes crucial. We have all pledged to prioritize the safety of our residents, and it’s important our state government supports this mission,” said Jensen. “Alongside my colleagues and the residents of the 134th Assembly District, we strongly urge the governor to restore $60 million to the CHIPS budget, matching last year’s allocation, and an additional $200 million to balance the impacts of inflation.”

“The proposed cuts to funding for local roads and bridges show a clear pattern of favoritism toward downstate communities while leaving Western New Yorkers out in the cold. If the governor continues to turn a blind eye to the needs of upstate communities, we will continue to see record-high levels of outmigration in our state. It's time to give local communities the resources they need instead of giving them the short end of the stick,” said Hawley.