Jensen: Allow Fire Department Carnivals to Reopen

Today, Gov. Cuomo released new guidance that allows the New York State Fair to safely reopen this summer. Although this is great news, communities across the state are left wondering if their local fire department carnivals will be allowed to resume as well.

“While today’s announcement is a step in the right direction, it is well overdue for the state to provide guidance on fire department carnivals,” said Jensen. “For fire departments across New York, including in Monroe County and the 134th District, first responders rely on their annual carnivals as their primary fundraising event of the year and every day that passes without more information from the state hurts communities more and places potential fiscal strain on these organizations.

“The fair and carnivals are similar in nature and while fire department carnivals take place on a smaller scale, they are just as important for our communities. Our volunteer fire departments depend and rely upon the money raised at these carnival fundraisers to sufficiently operate. After such a difficult year, our volunteer fire departments need these fundraising events more than ever before; they do not deserve to be left in the dark by our state government.”