Jensen and Ortt: Protecting Residents and Communities Along the Erie Canal

Assemblyman Josh Jensen (R,C,I-Greece) and Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt held a joint press conference on Tuesday, May 18 in Spencerport, NY to introduce a bill that would require the NYS Canal Corporation to notify local governments when they plan on doing work along the Erie Canal and provide residents in the community the opportunity to have their voices heard through a local public hearing (A.7430/S.6748).

The Erie Canal serves as a focal point and economic hub for many upstate communities. In order to preserve the beauty of the canal and respect residents that live along it, it’s vital that the Canal Corporation engages with taxpayers in the community who will be affected by any potential projects before beginning any work.

“This legislation is imperative to ensure that homeowners living near the Erie Canal can have a voice in future projects by the Canal Corporation,” said Jensen. “Residents across the state flock to the Erie Canal for its pristine beauty, and they rightfully deserve to have a say in projects and works along the canal. I’m proud to be joined by Senate Minoroty Leader Rob Ortt in introducing this important issue to the state Legislature.”

“The Erie Canal is representative of the unique culture and history of our region, and any proposed construction to this landmark should be subject to input from local residents,” said Sen. Ortt. “Any changes made to the Erie Canal must be for the betterment of both the canal’s operation and the surrounding community. This legislation is one way we can ensure public oversight of the NYS Canal Corporation by those most impacted by any future work done on the canal.”