Jensen: Now Is the Time to Restore Local Authority

Assemblyman Josh Jensen (R,C,I-Greece) joined members of the Assembly and Senate Minority Conferences at a press conference today to introduce a resolution in both houses to remove the declared state of emergency for New York. As our state continues to see record low hospitalizations, the lowest positivity rate in the nation and increasing vaccination numbers, both conferences believe it’s time to rescind the state of emergency. Yesterday, the governor announced our positivity rate continues to decline and the statewide seven-day average is at 0.52%.

“Now is the time to restore local control and once again make the Executive Chamber a co-equal branch of our government. Every day, I’m receiving dozens of calls from residents who are confused about what the guidelines and protocols are and demand the restoration of common sense back to the New York State government,” said Jensen.

“This weekend’s mask mandate in school’s fiasco showed us once again that our state’s ability to convey and implement policies deserves a failing grade and is the latest reason why we should remove the emergency orders,” he continued.