Jensen: Politics As Usual In Albany

A statement from Assemblyman Josh Jensen (R,C,I-Greece)

“In typical Albany fashion, if something is broken, don’t fix it.

“With today’s expected extension of the eviction moratorium, rather than passing legislation that will actually help people, we will have extended a program that has been a failure and continues to disproportionately punish landlords.

“Rather than make substantive changes that allow for critically important funds to go to those hit hardest by the lack of rent payments, we will continue to mismanage billions of dollars in a way that jeopardizes the well-being of property owners. Many of these tenants have chosen not to pay their rent, regardless of the impact of COVID-19.

“We have heard a lot about how with a new administration there would be a beginning of a new chapter of transparency, but it is business as usual in Albany. Deals are still being negotiated in secret by three people in a room with a limited amount of public debate, as they seek to solve a political crisis, rather than an actual crisis.”