Zebrowski Secures PSC Investigation into Low Water Pressure Reported During Evergreen Fire

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski announced today that he was able to secure an investigation by the Public Service Commission into low water pressure that hindered the response to the Evergreen Fire. Assemblyman Zebrowski contacted the PSC after the fire and sent a formal request on March 30th after learning of reports of low water pressure during the fire response. This low pressure required firefighters to run hoses two-thirds of a mile down the road to alternative hydrants. The Assemblyman wants the Public Service Commission to investigate SUEZ to determine the cause of the pressure problems and whether this lack of pressure contributed to any response delays.

Water pressure has also been an issue of concern for firefighters, environmental advocates and opponents of over development over the years. The Assemblyman further requested that the PSC investigate if development decisions and projects have overtaxed water infrastructure.

"Every facet of this tragic fire needs to be investigated. If there was a lack of water pressure in the area, we need to know why and whether it contributed to fire response issues. Over the years, as areas have been developed, many folks have questioned whether our infrastructure could handle the urbanization of previously suburban areas. While water pipes and sewer lines may be hidden from view, they are vital to the safety and stability of our communities. I am calling on the Public Service Commission’s investigation to be broad so that we can avoid any similar situation in the future. We need answers about water pressure issues and their connection to the fire response, but we also need to know if and how our water infrastructure is being taxed by development decisions.”

The letter to the Public Service Commission is attached.