Walsh: Majority Rejects Effort To Reassert Legislative Authority

Statement from Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh (R,C-Ballston)

“Today our conference put forward a hostile amendment that would unmask our kids, and reassert the authority of the Legislature, the co-equal and proper branch of government to oversee the development and implementation of statewide policy.

“Agency rule making is a little known, but highly important aspect of state government. The delegation of too much authority to agencies circumvents the legislative process and shrouds it in secrecy.

“Over the past month or so my office has been inundated with concerns with making temporary measures related to COVID-19 into permanent law by way of agency rule making. While our efforts to ensure a return to regular proceedings were rejected by the Majority, putting forward this amendment allowed us the opportunity to make the voices of our constituents heard in relation to their objection to this form of shadow government.

“When it comes to addressing issues that impact New Yorkers statewide, I implore the governor and agency leaders to work with us – the Legislature – not around us, moving forward. On day one Gov. Hochul promised transparency, today’s vote represented anything but.”