Walsh Attends Differing Abilities Press Conference on World Down Syndrome Day

Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh (R,C-Ballston) joined her colleagues Steve Stern and Jarrett Gandolfo and Down’s syndrome advocates John and Mark Cronin on the steps of the state Capitol to highlight a resolution that promotes inclusion and employment for people with differing abilities in the workplace. The press conference also coincides with World Down Syndrome Day, a date being marked by Assemblywoman Walsh on the Assembly floor during legislative session.

“The advocacy of both John and Mark Cronin on the important issue of inclusion and employment for those with Down syndrome and differing abilities is admirable. I am proud to support the bipartisan resolution highlighting their work. Since my first election in 2017, advocating and providing resources for those with differing abilities has been one of my top legislative priorities. We saw the pandemic disproportionately affect these communities and it is our job in Albany to make sure we are raising awareness and pass legislation that gives everyone an equal chance at employment,” said Walsh.