Walsh Rallies against Proposal To End Minimum Wage Credit For Tipped Employees

Today, Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh (R,C,I,Ref-Ballston) joined the New York State Restaurant Association, as well as several lawmakers and members of the business community in calling for the defeat of Gov. Cuomo’s proposal to eliminate the minimum wage credit for New York’s tipped employees. The measure, which has found staunch opposition from food service and hospitality workers, business owners and patrons, would raise the base hourly pay of those working for tips to the state’s minimum wage. However, opponents of the governor’s plan are quick to point out that under current law, business owners are required to pay the difference of any employee’s wage that is lower than minimum wage. The controversial proposal would also lead to increased costs for patrons and business owners that many fear will negatively affect these servers’ ability to earn additional income, and might even lead some restaurants to cut paid positions or eliminate tipping altogether.

“New Yorkers have spoken, and it’s clear that eliminating our state’s minimum wage tip credit is an ill-advised solution in search of a problem,” said Walsh. “Our state’s current system rewards hardworking tipped employees for going above and beyond in their service and taking busier shifts, allowing them to support themselves and their families with tipped wages that in many cases greatly exceed the amount they would make under this proposal. We cannot allow our state’s leadership to hamstring these individuals’ earning ability, and I look forward to continuing our fight against the governor’s misguided plan.”