Fitzpatrick Announces Availability of SUNY Maritime Cadet Scholarship

Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick (R,C,I-Smithtown) today announced the availability of a tuition assistance scholarship for the Cadet Appointment Program at the State University of New York Maritime College. The university offers full-tuition scholarships to qualified residents of New York state, including one to be chosen by Fitzpatrick on behalf of the 7th Assembly District.

"The SUNY Maritime College has a unique program that provides the foundation for future employment and career opportunities. While most students find it increasingly difficult to afford college, this tuition scholarship gives young adults a chance to continue their education. I encourage students to take advantage of this valuable opportunity," said Assemblyman Fitzpatrick.

The SUNY Maritime program is designed for the Regiment of Cadets. Participation in the program prepares students for licensure through the U.S. Coast Guard. The college’s curriculum blends classroom instruction with three summers of international travel aboard the training vessel, The Empire State VI. The program boasts of a 100 percent career placement rate, and the majority of the students find employment in the business world, armed services and a variety of industries.

"The SUNY Maritime College provides leadership and job-training skills. The program builds character and instills a strong sense of pride and integrity. The college is an excellent choice for students looking for well-structured academic and athletic programs," said Assemblyman Fitzpatrick.

To be eligible for the Cadet Appointment Program scholarship, the applicant must be a U.S. citizen and a New York state resident for at least one year prior to the student’s enrollment in the college. An applicant must be a high school graduate and demonstrate evidence of academic excellence and leadership skills.

To apply, contact the college’s admissions office at (718) 409-7220. Further information can be obtained at

Applicants must complete the application by March 15.