Statewide Union Agreement Voted Down, Local Jobs On The Line

Statement from Assemblyman Mike Fitzpatrick (R,I,C-Smithtown)

Today, a vote was taken by the second-largest union in New York State, the Public Employees Federation, vetoing a five-year contract agreement offered by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Union members were asked to take a three-year pay freeze and contribute toward their health-care costs. Despite these modest recommendations, the contract was irresponsibly voted down.

Now, with private-sector employees contributing substantially more to the cost of their premiums than their public-sector counterparts, it is time for unions to stop demanding unsustainable contributions from the state’s taxpayers. This vote represents Exhibit A in the unchecked self-delusion of New York State’s government unions. Because of this selfish action, major work-force layoffs are now on the line in a stagnant economy that had zero job growth in the month of August. We must all do our part to understand the sacrifices necessary to get the Empire State back on track.