“Mr. Motivation” Visits The Capitol

Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick (R,C,I-Smithtown) was pleased to help pass and sponsor a resolution commemorating the 15th anniversary of National Motivation and Inspiration Day, which motivational speaker and coach Kevin McCrudden of Smithtown helped establish. The day was created in response to the outpouring of care Americans had for one another throughout the country after the wake of the September 11 attacks.

“I’m very thankful for the work that Kevin McCrudden does to help inspire people on Long Island and across our great state and country,” said Fitzpatrick. “Inspiring and motivating each other to pursue the best in each of us has a profound and positive impact on our communities. I’m happy to help support and promote National Motivation and Inspiration Day and Month in the legislature.”

National Motivation and Inspiration Day, which is recognized on January 2, and National Motivation and Inspiration Month in New York, also celebrated in January, is meant to stimulate people to develop personal goals while encouraging others to strive for their aspirations. The day is focused not just on the improvement of individuals, but society as a whole.

McCrudden, also known as “Mr. Motivation,” is the CEO and president of Motivate America, Inc. He is an accomplished motivational speaker and coach, has written books on motivation and often makes national radio and television appearances. He resides in Smithtown with his wife and three children.