Fitzpatrick: Enabling Law Breakers Is Not The Way To Repair Country’s Broken Immigration System

Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick (R,C,I,Ref-Smithtown) stood in opposition to Assembly Majority and their package of bills which would enable and reward undocumented immigrants at the cost of taxpayers. The bills would prohibit the disclosure of immigration status, exempt documents of illegal aliens from FOIL requests in New York City, provide legal defense and counsel and pay tuition for illegals at taxpayer expense.

“I believe that immigrants provide richness to the fabric of our country, I only need to look to my wife and son-in-law to see the America of diversity and opportunity. This, however, does not mean New York should enable or reward those who disregard our national immigration laws,” said Fitzpatrick. “Our legal, and taxpaying, residents should not have to pay one dime to harbor or defend those who continue to break our immigration laws. Our nation and state will always be beacons of opportunity for immigrants and the oppressed. If one thinks the immigration system is broken, fix it through the proper channel, which is at the federal level.”

The measures put forward by Assembly Majority seek to preempt federal law, which would allow the removal of illegal aliens convicted of any criminal offense, unresolved criminal offense charges, or who committed acts that would constitute a criminal offense. Additionally, their measures prevent the removal of illegal immigrants who willfully engage in fraud and misrepresentation before any government agency, abuse the use of public benefits, refuse to comply with orders to leave the United States and or pose a risk to public safety or national security.