Fitzpatrick: New York Must Step Up Laws On Gang Crimes

Statement from Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick (R,C,I,Ref-Smithtown) on the Criminal Street Gang Act (A.5477/S.2410)

“The legislature must address the need to increase penalties on gangs and their crimes. We must provide the tools to support our prosecutors and law enforcement community in fighting the depraved MS-13. The unprecedented level of violence of the MS-13 gang must be fought aggressively.

“Long Island is suffering the consequences of the open borders policies of the Obama administration which cleared the path for gang members from Central America to enter the US as unaccompanied minors. Many of them quickly found a home in MS-13. In no way should any of these gang members, who are here in our country illegally, receive any services from the $10 million legal defense fund the governor established in the budget to fight deportation.

“The assembly must pass the Criminal Street Gang Act, which will clearly define gangs and their criminal activities, provide tools for law enforcement and the criminal justice system, and create new classes of felonies and increase penalties for existing crimes. New York must be aggressive in addressing the threat posed by the MS-13 gang.”