Assemblymember Wallace: Lieutenant Governor Benjamin Resignation Necessary

“Having read the allegations by the US Attorney’s office against Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin, it’s clear to me that his resignation is needed. The allegations in the indictment are deeply troubling and allege multiple ethical and criminal violations.

“Since being elected, I’ve been an outspoken advocate against corruption in government. I’ve introduced and passed legislation to increase transparency in government and hold government officials accountable. I’ve not hesitated to call on public officials – regardless of party – to resign in the face of corruption or criminal misconduct.

“In our country, everyone is guaranteed the right to due process, and Brian Benjamin certainly has every right to challenge the charges against him in federal court. However, public service is a privilege, not a right. New Yorkers deserve elected officials whose integrity is beyond reproach, and the allegations against Lt. Gov. Benjamin have irreparably damaged his reputation and ability to serve the people.”