Assemblymember Wallace: Hateful Rhetoric of Michael Knowles Has No Place in Our Community

“It is deeply disturbing to learn that a student group would choose to invite Michael Knowles – an individual who is known for espousing anti-LGBTQ+, misogynistic, and xenophobic views – to our community. Statistics show that hate crimes are rising exponentially, and it is rhetoric like this that is fueling the violence. It is especially egregious to invite him to a community that is still reeling from the May 14 massacre in light of Knowles’s public support for the racist "great replacement" conspiracy theory that motivated the Tops shooter. Rather than standing united with the community and helping us heal, these students are throwing salt in the wound and providing a venue for Knowles to espouse his hateful agenda. Shame on those students and anyone who joins them by validating his dangerous rhetoric. I stand with members of the LGBTQ+ community in denouncing this event.”