Assemblymember Wallace Recognizes Fire Prevention Week by Announcing New Equipment for U-Crest Fire Department

Today, Assemblymember Monica Wallace recognized Fire Prevention Week by announcing new equipment for the U-Crest Fire Department in Cheektowaga, including an automated CPR device, a Jaws of Life tool, and new radios. The equipment was purchased thanks to $50,000 in state funding secured by Assemblymember Wallace.

The Jaws of Life allows firefighters to extricate individuals from mangled automobile wrecks, while the CPR device allows emergency personnel to administer potentially lifesaving care when fatigue, insufficient personnel, or patient transport prohibits the delivery of effective and consistent chest compressions.

“As we recognize Fire Prevention Week, I’m thrilled to announce critical new equipment for our brave and hardworking volunteer firefighters,” said Assemblymember Wallace. “This lifesaving equipment will allow U-Crest firefighters to better respond to medical emergencies, auto wrecks, and other emergency calls. I’m deeply grateful for the courageous firefighters at U-Crest and elsewhere, and I consider it a privilege to secure resources to help them keep our community safe.”

“This new equipment will aid in our responses to life-threatening emergencies and help protect both our fellow firefighters and members of the public,” said U-Crest Fire Department Chief Joe Dahm. "The automated CPR device allows us to continue administering lifesaving aid when it is not feasible to manually administer CPR, and the Jaws of Life helps to quickly and safely remove crash victims from damaged vehicles."

“This critical equipment supports us in our mission of protecting and serving the residents of Cheektowaga," said U-Crest Fire Commissioner Bryan Chapman, Jr. “We thank Assemblymember Wallace for securing funding for this critical equipment and for her continued support of U-Crest firefighters.” 

Throughout her time in office, Assemblymember Wallace has secured hundreds of thousands for local fire departments, including $125,000 for South Line Fire District to purchase self-contained breathing apparatuses, $75,000 for Bellevue Fire Department to purchase SCBAs, computers, and an all-terrain vehicle, and $60,000 for Sloan Active Hose Company No. 1 to purchase equipment to extinguish electric vehicle fires.