Assemblymember Wallace: Ending Net Neutrality Hurts Western New York

“The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) unconscionable decision to revoke net neutrality regulations puts the profits of multibillion dollar companies over the will and the good of the American people.

“Western New Yorkers and our local businesses rely on the internet for day-to-day life, including paying bills, looking for jobs, and getting vital news and information. It’s a necessary utility and must be treated as such. Net neutrality provisions prevented internet service providers (ISPs) from restricting quality and speed and picking and choosing which sites reach consumers. Allowing providers to restrict access to the internet not only interferes with daily life, but also infringes on our freedom of speech and information.

“Yesterday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has discovered over two million fake comments reported to the FCC during the open comment period. It’s clear that the process to repeal net neutrality was deeply flawed, manipulated, and lacked transparency.

“During my time in Albany, I’ve fought to protect consumers from big corporations. After the FCC voted to allow ISPs to sell personal data, I authored legislation in the Assembly that prohibits companies from disclosing customer information without customer consent (A.7191-B). Internet service providers should not be in charge of who sees our personal information. Nor should internet service providers determine what internet sites we see.”