Assemblymember Wallace Passes Legislation Protecting Workers During Government Shutdown

Assemblymember Monica P. Wallace (D-Lancaster) announced she passed legislation to allow local governments to extend the property tax payment deadline for furloughed and unpaid federal workers as they await their paychecks during the government shutdown (A.881). A companion bill was introduced Tuesday in the state Senate and awaits a vote.

“Western New Yorkers who work for the federal government are being unfairly punished due to something completely out of their control,” Wallace said. “These are folks who just want to work and provide for their loved ones, but they have no idea when their next paycheck will come. We can’t fix the federal government, but this legislation gives federal workers one less worry. I urge my colleagues in the state Senate to act swiftly pass this common-sense measure and send it to the governor.”

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents working at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport are among those in Wallace’s district going to work each day without receiving a paycheck. The legislation Wallace helped pass extends the tax deadline for affected employees until 90 days after the government shutdown ends without penalties or interest.