Assemblymember Wallace Introduces Legislation to Improve Safety on Roads during Storms

In response to above average snowfall winter in Western New York, including several occurrences of zero visibility conditions, Assemblymember Wallace’s new legislation seeks to increase the visibility of snow plows and other state and municipal vehicles.

Wallace’s announcement comes on a day where all of Western New York can expect 4-8 inches of accumulation.

Assemblymember Monica P. Wallace (D-Lancaster) has introduced legislation to allow state and municipal vehicles, such as snowplows, to use green lights to improve visibility in severe weather conditions (A.4764).

Studies show that green lights are more visible during heavy snow and whiteout conditions than traditional amber flashing lights.  Because green lights are brighter and easier to see in low visibility conditions, several other Great Lake states that also experience similar heavy snow conditions – specifically Michigan and Ohio - have enacted legislation to permit the use of green lights on snow plows. This legislation seeks to permit municipal snow plows and trucks in New York to do the same. 

“As western New Yorkers know, it can often be difficult to see plow trucks during heavy snow and whiteout conditions. This legislation would allow drivers to better see plow operators during low visibility conditions, ensuring the safety of both drivers and plow operators.” Assemblymember Wallace said.

“This legislation would increase safety for not only plow operators, but for motorists traveling during extreme weather events,” said Cheektowaga Highway Superintendent Mark Wegner. “With other states utilizing green lights on their municipal vehicles and irrefutable studies showing their effectiveness, I hope that New York moves quickly to approve Assemblymember Wallace’s legislation.”

“This is a common sense fix to ensure the safety all motorists,” Wallace concluded.