Assemblymember Wallace: Reserve Memorial Day for Fallen Service-Members, Set Another Date to Remember Essential Workers who Died from COVID-19

“While I appreciate the Governor’s desire to pay tribute to the essential workers who died of COVID-19 this weekend, we must not forget why we observe Memorial Day - to honor the fallen members of our armed forces. These brave service-members answered the call when others wouldn’t, threw themselves into unimaginably dangerous and horrible situations, and ultimately, sacrificed everything for our nation. They will always deserve a day dedicated solely to commemorating their bravery and sacrifice.

“To best respect and honor fallen service-members, we should set aside another date to pay tribute to those who died from COVID-19, particularly the first responders and other essential workers who contracted the virus in the course of their duties. That’s why I’m introducing a resolution to establish March 12 – the anniversary of the first confirmed COVID-19 death in New York – as a day to remember the victims of this virus and honor the COVID heroes who lost their lives because they went out to help others.”