Study Confirms Need to Limit Cut Through Traffic on Stutzman Road

Today, Assemblymember Monica P. Wallace, Town of Lancaster Supervisor Ronald Ruffino and Erie County Legislator Frank Todaro announced the results of a traffic study in the area of Pleasant View Drive in Lancaster. The three officials agreed with the study’s recommendation to prohibit left turns from Stutzman Road onto Pleasant View Drive during rush hour traffic.

In response to concerns by Stutzman Road residents, the Lancaster Town Board voted February 8, 2021 to conduct a study of the area. Consistent with resident complaints, the study confirmed roughly 80 percent of traffic heading southbound on Stutzman Road from 3 to 6 p.m. on weekdays was from vehicles using the residential street to avoid traffic on nearby north/south thoroughfares, including Transit and Harris Hill roads.

“This is a residential street where children play and ride bikes,” said Assemblymember Wallace. “It was not intended to serve as an alternate route for heaving afternoon commuters hoping to shave a few minutes off their drive. I’m glad the Town plans to take action to improve the safety before someone gets hurt.”

“The people who live on Stutzman Road have been crystal clear: they are tired of motorists using their neighborhood as a shortcut and clogging the roadway during rush hour,” said Supervisor Ruffino. “By prohibiting left turns from Stutzman Road onto Pleasant View Drive from 3 to 6 p.m. on weekdays, we can eliminate two-thirds of the rush hour traffic in this neighborhood, with a minimal impact on the people who actually live there.”