Smart Cities Forum at the Capitol

A reminder that tomorrow (November 15) is the Smart Cities Legislative Forum: Savings, Safety, and Innovation) from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the New York State Capitol’s Assembly Parlor (Room 306, northeast corner), featuring Mark Little, former GE Chief Technology Officer, Commissioner Audrey Zibelman (Public Service Commission Chair), as well as Assemblymembers and local elected officials from across the Capital Region.

Cutting-edge technologies such as smart street lights and next generation high-speed connectivity are the wave of the future. Municipalities across New York State are discovering how these can be used to improve quality-of-life for residents while producing needed savings and increasing safety. The forum is being held in conjunction with the New York Conference of Mayors.

Discussion Panelists

State Officials: Assemblymembers: Patricia Fahy, John McDonald, Phil Steck, Carrie Woerner; Public Service Commission Chair and Commissioner Audrey Zibelman

Local Electeds and NYCOM members: Albany County Executive Dan McCoy, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, Mayor Gary McCarthy (Schenectady), Mayor Thomas Roach (White Plains), Mayor Kathy Sheehan (Albany)

Business/ Community members: David Armour: Chief City Executive, Siemens; Kishor Bagul: CEO, Cloud and Things; Peter Baynes: Executive Director, NYCOM; Joe Bonilla: Managing Partner, Relentless Awareness; Meghan Cook: Program Director, Center for Technology in Government, UAlbany; Mark Eagan: CEO, Capital Region Chamber; Mark Little: Former CTO of GE and Director of GE Global Research; Jeff Mirel: Executive VP, Rosenblum Companies; Laurie Poltynski: ; Carl Stewart, III: Vice President and General Manager, Turner Construction

Agenda topics will include: What does a Smart City look like?; Next generation high speed connectivity; Bringing savings and safety; Next Steps.

The forum will focus on efficiencies, barriers, and solutions for cities to fully integrate smart technologies. Doors open at 7:30 a.m. (with coffee provided). The event is free to attend, but pre-registration is needed due to limited capacity.

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