Palmesano Reacts to State of The State

A Statement by Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C-Corning)

“Gov. Hochul delivered the annual State of the State address outlining her priorities for the upcoming session. I hope for, and expect, more specific details about her agenda when she presents her Executive Budget Proposal next week.

“I agree with the governor that we need to address the mental health problem in our state by improving accessibility and affordability. I also agree that we must empower our local law enforcement agencies with the ability to permanently shut down these illegal “sticker” stores that are a scourge on our local communities.

“However, one thing is for certain, our state is facing an affordability, public safety and quality-of-life crisis. We must address a budget deficit of more than $21 billion over the next three years. We cannot continue on this dangerous and reckless trend of unsustainable and out-of-control spending and debt, costly job-killing taxes and regulations, crippling inflation, a high cost of living and the continuation of violent crime in our local communities, all of which have helped contribute to New York’s nation-leading outmigration problem.

“Gov. Hochul continues to claim she wants to address the affordability crisis facing New Yorkers. However, her actions, coupled with those of my Majority colleagues in the Legislature, fail to address this issue as they continue full speed ahead with their costly radical energy and climate agenda of full electrification. Their reckless plan continues to prioritize so-called green energy over ensuring our energy supply is both affordable and reliable for New York families, farmers, seniors, small businesses and manufacturers. 

“We have a serious outmigration problem with more and more families, farmers and businesses leaving our state. According to the Census Bureau, New York lost more than 100,000 people from July 2022 – July 2023. In fact, New York has led the nation in population loss, with more than 533,000 who have fled our state since 2020. This is an alarming pattern that must be reversed.

“I, along with my Assembly Minority colleagues, will continue to advocate for common-sense policies that prioritize public safety, fiscal responsibility, job creation and economic development, affordable and reliable energy and improving the quality of life for New York families and businesses.

“If Gov. Hochul is truly serious about reversing the affordability, public safety and quality of life crisis facing our state she will present the Legislature with a budget proposal that is fiscally responsible and addresses the concerns and financial struggles New York families and businesses are facing around our state. I urge the governor and legislative leaders to work with us in a bipartisan manner during the upcoming year to address these critical issues.”