Palmesano Joins Thousands At #NY2A Day Rally To Stand Up For The Second Amendment

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C,I-Corning) today stood with legislative colleagues and thousands of Second Amendment advocates, sportsmen and concerned citizens from across New York State to defend the rights of law-abiding citizens.

“I want to thank the thousands of New Yorkers who came out today to fight for their right to keep and bear arms,” said Palmesano. “It was incredible to see so many people, who like me, were shocked at how the SAFE Act was rushed through the legislature without any public input, discussion or hearings. I hope this sends the message that the fundamental rights of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were created for a reason, and that turning law-abiding citizens into criminals won’t solve the problems of violence we face in society.”

For video of Assemblyman Palmesano speaking at the event, follow the link: