Assemblyman Smullen Issues Statement on SCOTUS Concealed Carry Decision

“This is a major victory for law-abiding firearm owners and supporters of the U.S. Constitution throughout New York state and the country.

“It reaffirms what we have said for many years, that radical progressives in New York are moving dangerously far in restricting our Constitutional rights and the ability of every citizen to defend themselves. As such, I have introduced and championed legislation that would limit the application of the SAFE Act to New York City. 

“With soaring crime and, in particular, violent crime, a serious concern, we need the ability to feel safe and secure in our homes, commuting to work and at public events.

“While Gov. Hochul is concerned that this decision puts ‘millions of New Yorkers’ at risk, she should look no further than her own disastrous cashless bail laws which are wreaking havoc on countless innocent lives ( – hardly believable words from a recent NRA supporter with an ‘A’ rating.”